About Us

Welcome to Emerald Vinyl. Thank you for choosing us to be your vinyl supplier... we are forever grateful.

Emerald Vinyl is composed of a husband and wife team, a few Brand Ambassadors, and one really cool assistant/photographer/friend. Fun fact: The name "Emerald Vinyl" derived from us getting married on Emerald Beach, St. Thomas. Since this is our first business venture together, why not name it after the place we became "one"?! I know, I know...we're cheesy. Lol

Our love for vinyl grew from hobby-to-side business. We spent countless dollars purchasing vinyl from major craft chains and receiving so little product or the lack of variety. We thought it would be a great idea to house multiple brands, sizes and colors under 1 roof.

Currently, we are located in the metro area of Charlotte, NC. We have two "walk-in" stores located in Charlotte as well. Should you be in the area. Be sure to stop by and say "hello"!

We thank you again!

Happy crafting!