Embroidery Services

Elevate your branding with custom embroidery, a look that leaves a professional impression at first glance. Embroidery brings high-level of elegance to any fabric using four, main stitching styles to make your logo pop. 

  • We use high-quality polyester thread.
  • We run a 15 needle embroidery machine. 
  • We hand draw our thread files. We do not auto-convert designs.
  • We produce multiple samples for your approval.
  • We carry over 100 shades of embroidery threads.
Frequently Asked Questions

What can be embroidered?
Most apparel, fabrics, patches, hats, tote bags, towels and even sneakers!

What is your average turn around time?
Within a few days to a week. Depending on the complexity of your design, we are able to get it turned around in a short period of time. 

What is "digitizing"?
Digitizing is the process that we undertake to convert your vector file into an embroidery stitch. Once converted, our embroidery machine is able to create your design effortlessly. 

Do you provide a sample or a mockup?

Although we do not provide a physical sample, we provide a mockup of your design. That way you can approve it or make edit suggestions prior to production. Once you approve your order and it has been placed into production, no other changes can be made. 

Do you have any specialty threads?
Of course we do! We have 3D Puff, which adds definition to your design. (You mainly see these on hats). In addition, we have metallic thread, and glow-in-the-dark thread too! Just ask.